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What is a retail fit-out?

A retail fit out is a perfect solution for any business owner looking to refresh and revitalize their store. A retail fitout is a cost-effective way to transform a store into a modern and stylish space. Essentially, shop fit outs are a set of aesthetic and/or  structural imprivements.

Retail fit outs enable retailers to offer a modern and aesthetically pleasing environment to store shoppers. Retail fit outs include the renovation or refurbishment of the existing space and the installation of the necessary fixtures and fittings required by the new tenant. An interior fitout company can create functional, technically accurate, and aesthetically pleasing environments for retailers, thereby improving the customer experience.

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A Nice Retail Fit Out In Sydney
 A Modern And Aesthetically Pleasing Fit Out In Sydney
Classic Designed With Modern Touch Retail Fit Out In Sydney


We offer complete service from retail shop refurbishment to design and construction

If you are looking for an interior fitout company, and are searching for a reputable shop fitter to complete your refurbishment project, then look no further. X2 Sydney Office Refurbishments provide complete shop fitting services, from the initial planning stage to the completion of the project, we have a team that is solely focused on the business at hand.

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Retail Innovative Solutions That Costs Sydney Business Owners Less

As part of our approach, we’ll listen carefully to what you want to achieve and then proceed to create a design that is visually striking, powerful, and capable of meeting your needs without destroying the bank.

We recognize that cost is always a key factor in renovations, so we consider your budget from the beginning. Our goal is always to offer the best value for money so that you can get the fit-out you need at a very reasonable price. We strive to provide great value without compromising the quality of services or the results you receive.

Sydney Retail Design & Fit-Outs

Shop fit out companies are generally known for fully refurbishing retail premises—apart from the core fit-out work, they can also consult on interior design, both for the interior of the store and for the interiors of related office spaces.

Modern Retail Spaces & Versatile Retail Fit Out Designs

When designing for shop fit outs, our goal is to create the latest interiors to meet the needs of your current and future employees.  No business is static, so a good retail design should be taken into account when going through construction, expansion, and changes while minimizing disruption.

Shop Fit Outs For All Shapes And Sizes

As a retail fitout company, our shop fitting design is adaptable enough to create a fluid space that can be shaped to meet the needs of you and your customers. In addition to being able to handle almost any type of fit-out.

With our experience among other shop fitout companies our space-saving interior design gives an illusion of space, to creating large retail fit outs that allow large companies to work safely and efficiently, there are almost no limits to what we can achieve.  Even if you have a complex project that requires a little creative thinking, our team can get the job done.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Retail Fit Outs In Sydney

What do retail fit outs include?

Retail fit outs are the process of renovating a shop or store and creating a comfortable, appealing and welcoming environment for the customer.  Usually, shop fit outs include ceiling drapes, wall drapes, flooring, lighting and data wiring.

What is the average retail fit out cost per square metre in Sydney?

The average retail fit outs cost is about $ 65/ hour, but the rate will still vary based on factors like the size of the project and complexity of the work involved. If calculated at the per square metre, the price for basic renovations ranges from $ 250 per square meter to very high-end renovations with custom requirements and full renovations of $ 2,000.

What is the process of retail fit outs?

Usually, shop fitout companies have the same process and it is done with seven steps. First is finalizing the concept with the client making sure that it can be built on time and on budget. Next is finalizing the location, the venue will also play an important role in the final design of the store to adapt to factors such as the types of customers passing by and the habits of customers who frequent the store.

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“My team could not be happier. They are dying to come back to our office having spent time working from home during COVID. “

Patrick Thomson

“The transformation is remarkable. Our office does not look like it even in the same building as our office pre-refurbishment. “

Jeff Dow

“New Office Fitout pros for sure. We wanted to improve the our new office before we moved in. The C-suite is very happy with the investment”

Brenna Redding

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We have team of architects and designers who are highly specialized in their respective fields, be it small to medium sized office reburbishments, large corporate office space, bar and retail fitouts, home office fitouts and even medical and laboratory refurbishments.


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