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X2 Sydney Office Refurbishments offers the very best service when it comes to fitting out your commercial kitchen. We create beautiful and functional spaces for you to reach your culinary dreams. We’ll handle every step of the way, from kitchen design consultations, actual construction and fitout, all the way to after-sales support long after you’ve made your purchase.

We’ll work with you to deliver the perfect fitout – on time, on budget, and ready to maximize the potential of your daily operations – by leveraging decades of industry experience and a proven track record of success. If you’re looking for a stress-free, high-efficiency solution to your custom commercial kitchen needs, give us a call so we can start collaborating on the ultimate commercial kitchen fitout for your Sydney business. 

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Jtb'S Melbourne Office Refurbishments Bar Fitout
Jtb'S Melbourne Office Refurbishments Bar Fitout
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Importance of Design

The Importance of Design in Commercial Kitchen Fitouts

Creating a great commercial kitchen layout is a difficult but rewarding process. Whether you’re opening a restaurant, cafe, bar, or designing a bulk food kitchen in Sydney, the decision-making process can be daunting, so arm yourself with as much information and research as possible.

Poorly designed commercial kitchens can lead to disasters and injury for those working within. Whether you are doing a kitchen renovation or building a brand new one, we suggest you think hard about how it needs to function to meet your needs as a business. 

Our services at X2 Sydney Office Refurbishments begin with a consultation where our experts will ask you about the vision you have for your commercial kitchen to gain the necessary understanding we need to deliver the best service possible. 

No matter what type of food establishment you want to put up, there are certain guidelines that need to be followed to ensure that kitchen is designed properly. Here are the six kitchen design principles to follow according to the Certified Food Service Professionals handbook. 

Flexibility and Modularity

Because a commercial kitchen is a dynamic environment, its layout should be adaptable. Perhaps you changed up the menu and added new dishes, or you hired a new executive chef who operates in a different manner than the previous one. Creating an adaptable work environment could take the form of multi-purpose workstations or movable equipment.


Kitchens are prone to clutter, which leads to confusion and poor sanitation, both of which have a negative impact on a foodservice operation. Consider kitchen layouts with simplicity in mind to maximize space and effectiveness. Locating server stations near the kitchen, for example, reduces the number of trips through the dining room, while modular or drop-in equipment eliminates some corners and edges, as well as unnecessary shelving. Furthermore, choosing the appropriate commercial kitchen equipment with only the necessary accessories will save you both space and money.

Flow of Materials and Personnel

A kitchen can be a hectic place, but it doesn’t have to be. A kitchen that is designed with the flow of materials and personnel in mind will have a logical layout with no employees or materials backtracking through the space.

Refrigerated and dry storage areas, for example, should be close to the receiving area, but waste disposal and ware washing areas should be separate from the food preparation and meal cooking areas. Completed meals will exit the kitchen on one side, while dirty dishes will enter on the other.

Following this principle not only keeps the kitchen clean and the food safe, but also removes confusion and ensures a well-organized and orderly system.

Ease of Sanitation

Apart from cooking, those in the kitchen spend a bulk of their time cleaning the space. There are sanitation codes that need to be strictly practiced and upheld by food establishments for them to continue operating. Handwashing stations, proper food storage and waste disposal, regular cleaning of food prep spaces, etc.

Ease of Supervision

When it comes to kitchen management, the executive chef has a lot on his/her plate. In addition to supervising the kitchen staff, he or she finishes dishes, designs menus, orders supplies, monitors food quality, and ensures that equipment is in good working order. An open kitchen with few or no walls or partitions allows for better vision, easier movement, and better communication, making it easier to supervise your executive chef or general manager.

Space Efficiency

There needs to be ample space for all the commercial kitchen equipment and for your staff to move around properly. Developing a well-thought-out kitchen design before ordering equipment and working on a layout can help your business succeed. An optimized restaurant kitchen design can help make your employees’ jobs easier, increase the efficiency of your kitchen flow, and even prevent accidents.

Design Options

Commercial Kitchen Fitout Design Options

Whichever layout you choose, it is critical to consider how traffic will flow in your kitchen, especially during peak times.  X2 Sydney Office Refurbishments will layout the design to reduce errors and help staff do what they need to do efficiently and safely, without bumping into each other or other obstacles, from deliveries, storage, and pre-service preparation to cooking, serving, and washing up. Consider how employees will use and move through the space.

Island Style Kitchen Fitout

The meal is the focal point of the island-style layout. The kitchen equipment dedicated to meal preparation, such as ovens, ranges, and fryers, are all centered in the kitchen in an island-like section. All other sections, such as the dishwashing station and food preparation area, will have their stations and equipment on the kitchen’s outer walls.

Zone Style Kitchen Fitout

Through the use of stations, a zone-style layout divides the kitchen by function. For example, the food preparation area will be in one section and the dishwashing area will be in another. You may also have food sections based on the type of cooking equipment and preparation based on the types of food you serve. This layout is ideal for larger kitchens that need to prepare a wide range of menu items.

Assembly Line Kitchen Fitout

An assembly line kitchen layout emphasizes just that — assembly. This kitchen floor plan, designed for high-volume production, organizes the flow of a meal from start to finish in a single line. Consider it a linear approach to quickly moving food through the kitchen. It begins with food preparation, progresses to cooking, and concludes with a service area designed to get the finished meal into the hands of the customer as soon as possible.

Open Style Kitchen Fitout

A compelling and high-end dining experience is provided by an open kitchen layout. Customers are entertained by the dish’s preparation, which fosters transparency and intimacy between the chef, the customer, and the meal. A chef’s table experience is created in some restaurants by using a chef’s counter, giving guests a front-row seat to the show.

Galley Style Kitchen Fitout

In this particular kitchen layout, all stations and equipment are located on the kitchen’s perimeter in this commercial kitchen layout. Kitchen equipment is placed along only two parallel walls in a very small space. This is ideal for cramped spaces that require only a few workers like food trucks. 

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Fit Out Services

Commercial Kitchen Fit Out Services Of All Kinds

Restaurant Fit Out

When investing in restaurant equipment, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the prospect of an unexpectedly large bill. With X2 Sydney Office Refurbishments, you can be confident that your restaurant fit out will meet all of your requirements while staying within your budget and timeline.

From design and layout to equipment installation and post-installation maintenance, we ensure that you have a restaurant fit out that is exactly what you need. We collaborate closely with your operations team to recommend fit out solutions that meet your needs while maximizing the efficiency of the available space.

Food Truck Fit Out

Food trucks are new to the scene but with our years of experience, it is no problem fitting it out. We can custom design cabinets and shelving to work around the appliances you will have in your galley style commericla kitchen in the food truck. Small space does not mean inferior or budgeted materials, we can equip your truck with the latest appliances and deck it out with a beautiful design that will make anyone who alks buy it stop and order food. 

Cafe Fit Out

Whether you want to create a cosy and homely café or something more hipster in style, our team of experienced professionals will ensure your café interior design perfectly reflects your overall theme. We also specialize in equipment installation and after-sales service. Our solutions are recommended with cost and time constraints in mind, so you don’t end up with an unfinished café design closer to the opening date.

Bar Fitout

A good bar isn’t complete unless it has the right design and equipment to make the most of the available space. Before finalizing a layout for a bar, we work closely with your chef and operations team to understand their needs and requirements. Instead of promoting only the most recent products on the market, we recommend bar equipment based on your specific needs.

Pizzeria Fitout

X2 Sydney Office Refurbishments offers a wide range of pizza deck ovens, including stone foundations and steel bases. Our commercially rated pizza ovens are available as stand-alone or bench-top models. You can inquire about our simple-to-install and operate electric and gas pizza oven kits. We supply and install commercial pizza ovens.

Butcher Shop Fitout

Butcher shops, unlike hipster cafes or fancy restaurants, may appear to have limited design options. But this does not have to be the case. Experimenting with colors and more contemporary designs will make your fit out stand out.

Let’s not forget the most important thing about the butcher shop is the equipment needed to treat all kinds of meats. Our team can fit you out with all the refrigerators, freezers, and meat cutters you can ever need coupled with a good layout, you will definitely have a top tier shop. 

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Frequently Asked Commercial Kitchen Fitout Questions

What is the minimum size for a commercial kitchen?

A kitchen with seating for up to 50 people must be at least 20 square meters in size, including the washing area. 0.5 square meters per seat are calculated for greater receptivity. The furnishings must be placed so that the premises can be cleaned and sanitized.

How much does it cost to build a small commercial kitchen?

There are a lot of things to consider when building a kitchen, even a small one. Furnishings, stainless steel equipment, appliances, sanitation codes, and personal preferences are all part of the construction process. A small kitchen fitout will start out at around $15,000 for budget furnishings but can go all the way up to $100,000 for premium ones. 

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